City of Refuge is a non-profit organization with the vision of serving the needs of adults and children in the southwest region of Ohio and Southeast corner of Indiana. We want to offer hope, healing and restoration to individuals, families and friends of people that are trapped in drug and alcohol addiction, thoughts of suicide and depression, abusive relationships, etc. Since opening in September 2011, we have partnered with many local businesses and churches. We have kept the funding and helps local so as to continue to serve our communities within a 25 mile radius that are radically effected by the use of drugs.

Programs & Events we currently offer:

Celebrate Recovery Classes
JoyFull Food Pantry
Bible Studies
Bible Studies
Her Turning Point,
Transitional Women’s Housing

Home Energy
Assistance Program

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Our hope in the near future is to add:

  • A licensed counselor/therapist
  • Additional day and evening recovery meetings
  • After school programs within the local school districts
  • Safe home for men coming out of addiction
  • A detox treatment center